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Keepit is the industry leader in cloud-to-cloud backup, empowering enterprises to extend data protection best practices to the cloud. Keepit protects your cloud data and leaves you free to leverage new cloud technologies without fear of data loss. Simple to set up and deploy, with the best restore options available so you can find and recover historic data in no time. The Keepit platform is ready for any Cloud Workload and offers full retention on your terms – from 1 year to eternity. Keepit is born with indexing and search to ensure you always have the complete view of your data. Your company is digital and Keepit helps you secure it. Our flagship service is the security of Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 where you can have a secondary copy and versioning of all your data in Office 365 - not just Emails, Calendar and Contacts but also complete coverage of your Groups, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Dynamics. Keepit will protect your data and give you access to instant restore of individual items (Emails, Documents, Files, Folders, Permissions, Channels, Planner) in any version.