Sarah Armstrong-Smith

Microsoft Chief Security Advisor, Independent Board Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Fellow British Computer Society,

Operating at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, Sarah Armstrong-Smith is the Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft. She has led a long and impactful career, guiding businesses through digital attacks and teaching organisations how to protect their people and data. 

Sarah’s previous positions include Group Head Business Resilience & Crisis Management at The London Stock Exchange Group and Head Continuity & Resilience, Enterprise & Cyber Security at Fujitsu. Such high-profile roles earned Sarah a place in the Most Influential Women in UK Tech and Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity. 

In 2022, Sarah released her first book ‘Effective Crisis Management’ which reached number two on the Amazon Best Sellers List. With a new way to share her expertise with a large audience, her leading insight into technology and security is respected by many throughout the industry.

Sarah’s latest book ‘Understand the Cyber Attacker Mindset’ explores the psychology of cyber warfare and how organisations can defend themselves from attack. The human aspects of cybersecurity have never been more critical.


Dara O Briain

Comedian & TV Presenter,

Stand-up comedian and television presenter Dara O Briain is best known in the

UK for hosting BBC’s Mock the Week, BlockBusters, Robot Wars, Stargazing Live,
Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure and Dara O Briain’s Go 8Bit and most recently

Channel 4 quiz One and Six Zero’s.

Dara’s latest show Voice of Reason has been performed across the globe, touring
in UK and Ireland, Scandinavia, mainland Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

It was filmed and released as a BBC special in 2019.

In September 2017 Dara released his first children’s book ‘Beyond the Stars’
(Scholastic), a hilarious journey through the solar system and our galaxy, it has
been nominated for the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Non Fiction. In 2018 the
follow up ‘Secret Science – The Amazing World Beyond your Eyes’ was released to
great critical acclaim. 2020 will see the release of Dara third childrens book ‘Is

There Anybody Out There’

Dara has also released five best-selling DVD’s with Universal Pictures. He will be
on a world tour in 2022 and 2023 with his new show, ‘So Where Were We?’


Ciaran Martin

Chairman, CyberCX UK

Ciaran is Chairman of CyberCX UK, a global independent cyber security services company. Prior to this role, Ciaran founded the UK’s world-leading National Cyber Security Centre as its first CEO. Ciaran also holds the position of Professor of Practice at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government and is one of the leading global cyber security authorities.

Ciaran is a 23-year veteran of the UK Government, working directly with five Prime Ministers and a variety of senior Ministers from three political parties. He held senior positions at HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office, as well as GCHQ, where he was Head of Cyber Security. He was head of the Cabinet Secretary’s Office and led the official negotiations that led to the agreed terms and rules for the Scottish independence referendum.


Amanda Crossley

Keynote Speaker | Cyber Security Business Analyst | TechVets Community Volunteer | Space Security Podcast Host, BAESystems

I am a cyber security professional and key note speaker who is excited about educating the next generation about the importance of cyber security.

Alongside my current role I am studying a degree in cyber security with the goal of moving onto a MSc and PhD after this.

Within my role I'm studying to become a security architect which I am on track for and I am hoping to become a security architect in the space sector.

Keynote speaker

Holly Foxcroft

Voted as one of the most influential woman in Cyber & Diversity Champion. Neurodivergent. International Speaker for Neurodiversity, Cyber Security & Online Behaviour. Lived Experience with Neurodiversity!,

An experienced subject matter expert in neurodiversity, cyber crime, cyber security and mental health.

10 + years experience in consulting and public speaking, leading and curating events, project managements and business strategy.

Multi award winner for contributions to cyber security and diversity and inclusion.

Experience with policy and survey design, project management, senior management and stakeholder engagement and training, designing training material, diverse hiring and hiring initiatives, management and leadership training, confident public speaker keeping audiences engaged.

Keynote speaker

Jonathan Mattey

Head of Cyber Security Technology, Sykes Holiday Cottages

Jonathan is the Head of Cyber Security for the Forge Holiday Group, consisting of four leading
companies in the Travel and Hospitality sector. Having built a reputation for delivery and execution
in Oil and Gas, whilst leading the security operations function – Jonathan sought the opportunity to
broaden his sector insight and tackle a different set of security concerns within a new technology
Jonathan has a plethora of experience delivering crucial security programmes for critical national
infrastructure including detection and response, data protection, risk management and disaster
recovery. He has a passion for continuous improvement and the importance of this in building high
performance security teams alongside a positive cyber security culture.
It is with this growth mindset that Jonathan believes we must tackle the current and future threat
landscape to provide the appropriate security outcomes in line with industry requirements.


Lucy Finlay

Client Delivery Director, Secure Behaviour and Analytics, ThinkCyber

A self-confessed nerd about security culture, I am particularly interested in finding what makes people tick, and creating positive, sustainable behavioural change. Open to great conversations about measuring cyber security behaviour, phishing and cyberpsychology (and anything in between!).


Rahim Jina

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Edgescan

Rahim is the Co-Founder & COO of edgescan™, a Risk Based Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing SaaS. Founded in 2011, Edgescan has grown significantly in recent years with a global base of clients. Rahim is responsible for operational excellence and has extensive experience delivering pen testing services at enterprise scale. Prior to Edgescan, Rahim was Head of Product & Operational Security for Fonality, a VOIP provider based in Los Angeles and was also a senior security consultant for a ‘Big 4’ consultancy firm for many years. With prior involvement in OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) as a contributor and volunteer since 2007, Rahim helped run the Dublin chapter for a number of years. Rahim is a graduate from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and holds an M.Sc in Security & Forensic Computing from Dublin City University (Ireland).

Keynote speaker

Kevin Fielder

CISO, Mettle

Innovative and dynamic security professional, with a passion for driving change by successfully engaging with all levels of the business.
Passionate about the benefits of cognitive diversity as a key ingredient of successful organisations.
Team builder, driver of change, focussed on the benefits of supporting and enabling great people to deliver their best; the right processes and technology will follow.
Proven strategic outlook with the ability to engage with all levels of the business to gain buy-in for innovative and effective security programmes.
Demonstrated ability to execute on plans and materially improve organisations security postures.
Loves understanding people and finding parallels between security and everyday life!

Keynote speaker

Daniel Selman

Data Protection Officer, Camelot

Data Protection professional with experience in Defence, Financial Services, B2B and B2C. Key strengths include team leadership, risk advice and management, strategy and policy production, programme and project delivery, senior stakeholder engagement and communication and presentation skills.

Keynote speaker

Chris Roberts

Business Development Manager, Security Operations , Fortinet

Chris has worked in IT since 1992 across a variety of disciplines such as IT support, project management, departmental head and business development management, moving into security focussed roles from 2003. Time in end businesses as well as at various key vendors such as HP, Cisco and Fortinet plus more specialised VAR’s has given him a variety of relevant experience and insight into security challenges, potential solutions and mitigation strategies.


Sam Hector

Senior Strategist, IBM

Sam Hector is a Senior Strategist for IBM Security, focused on communicating our value, who we are, and what we do.

With more than a decade of experience in Cyber Security sales, Sam also guides future strategy on areas for investment, and M&A activity.Previously, he was responsible for growing an established ecosystem of channel partners for IBM Security in the UK & Ireland, by leading a team of specialists dedicated to growing revenue through resellers, MSSPs & GSIs.

In his spare time he is the Director of a Tennis non-profit, a Formula 1 fan, and is often found tinkering with new technology.


Edward Skraba

Global Director of Threat Intelligence, Smarttech247

Working in IT Sector for over a decade, initially as a full stack developer, Edward had the opportunity to develop his career and diversify skillset across leading centralised web technologies. As a Lead Penetration Tester, he utilizes his y skillset to discover, exploit, harden and remediate cybersecurity problems for the business environments across the world.


York von Eichel-Streiber

Product Marketing Manager, NinjaOne

York has been working for about 5 years for NinjaOne in product marketing and presales. Over the years, he has worked with thousands of IT-admins, network engineers and helpdesk teams on proof of concepts and implementations of the NinjaOne platform. 


Matt Dawson

Okta Solutions Engineer, Okta

Matt Dawson is an Okta Solutions Engineer currently partnering with businesses in the UK and Ireland to help enhance their security posture, boost operational efficiency and create seamless digital experiences for their customers. His six years of identity and access management experience encompasses consulting, technical implementation and project delivery for global organisations.


Marc Lueck

EMEA CISO , Zscaler

Marc is a senior security practitioner with over 20 years of experience crossing multiple industry sectors, from financial services to publishing. With a strong technical background, Marc has spent the past ten years leading security improvement programmes for the likes of Pearson, T-Systems and Symantec. He is also an advisory board member of ClubCISO, a security leadership peer group.