Colonel (Retd) John Doody FBCS FCMI CITP IISP MIOD

John Doody is Director of Interlocutor Services Limited, a company established in 2003 to promote Information Assurance and Cyber Security issues both nationally and internationally, the company offers a range of services including Marketing, Communications, Public Speaking, Strategy Reviews, Information Assurance, Cyber Security and Information Technology, these services are geared to the strategic level within government and industry. Prior to this John served at CESG/GCHQ for 10 years in the appointment of Head of Information Assurance Customer Services. He has a wealth of knowledge across the whole spectrum of Cyber Security and Information Assurance. In this latter appointment he was a major contributor to CESG’s move to a commercial business footing.

He also has had a role as a Non Executive Director to a security company as well as providing Strategic Advice to a number of major UK and US IT Security companies. John’s recent major role was as the Global Strategic Cyber Security Adviser to Ultra Electronics Limited where he reported directly to the CEO on Cyber Security matters.  He also provided Strategic Advice to FireEye and Safenet, two large US Cyber companies. He is currently a Deloitte Associate.

 John is a retired officer of the UK Royal Corps of Signals, a Corps in which he served for 33 years to the rank of Colonel.  He is a qualified engineer and has held a number of strategic engineering appointments in the UK Ministry of Defence including system support to PTARMIGAN and WAVELL, the army’s tactical communication and CIS systems, Director in the Procurement Executive as Project Manager for Army Electronic Warfare, Battlefield Target Engagement System (BATES), Air Defence CIS system (ADCIS) and WAVELL managing £1B of programmes. John has also worked in the R&D environment working on Electronic Warfare Simulation.  He has also served in various operational environments including Loan Service to the Trucial Oman Scouts in the Middle East.

John has chaired many international committees dealing with Cyber, Information Assurance, Communications and Interoperability. John is well known on the national and international Cyber/ Information Assurance Conference circuit where he has chaired many events and has given many talks on Cyber and Information Assurance.  He is a renowned Evangelist for Cyber Security and Information Assurance.

He has held the position of an International Class Director for the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) International (Fairfax Virginia USA). He is a past President and Vice-President of the AFCEA UK WEST Chapter and served as a Member at Large for AFCEA London in the early 90s. He was also also the Cyber Security Lead for the BCS Security Community of Expertise

John has supported a number of Charitable organisations including SSAFA,  Help for Heroes and The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF)

John was awarded the CESG/GCHQ Directors Medal in 2003

He was elevated to the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame in 2012



Born in Houston, Texas, Brittany Kaiser grew up in Chicago and went to high school at Phillips Academy Andover. She went on to study at Edinburgh University, before earning post-graduate degrees in international relations at The University of Edinburgh (MA with honors), an LLM in international human rights law at the University of London Birkbeck College, and an Masters in Philosophy in international law and diplomacy at Middlesex University.

A fervent advocate for progressive politics at an early age, Brittany volunteered for the presidential campaigns of Howard Dean and John Kerry, and for Barack Obama’s run for senate while still in high school. In 2007, she worked full-time for a summer in the new media team of Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, and in 2014 she volunteered for the “Ready for Hillary” campaign, before deciding to support Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary in 2015.

Following her volunteer work for these political candidates, Brittany spent several years engaged with human rights projects around the world, including work for Amnesty International, lobbying at the United Nations and European Parliament to stop crimes against humanity, and contributing to human rights research projects in Asia and Africa.

After the fall of Gaddafi, Brittany helped establish a company to organize diplomatic conferences in Libya, including on trade and investment. Her primary motivation was to work on human rights issues in that country. In parallel, she started her PhD on preventive diplomacy, including studying the development of data-driven early-warning systems to prevent possible acts of genocide. She also began consulting to human rights barristers and political campaigns internationally.

These activities, together with her background in the Democratic party, caught the attention of Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix. He offered Brittany a job at the SCL Group, the then-parent company of Cambridge Analytica, as a business-development consultant in late 2014. Brittany quickly excelled at the company and was promoted to Director of Program Development, and then Director of Business Development in 2015. She left the company in January 2018.

She was the only business development and salesperson to train directly under Nix. While she was not privy to all the internal machinations of Cambridge Analytica’s activities as an employee of the company, she had access to many important and sensitive documents and communications, and was witness to a significant number of key meetings.

Brittany left Cambridge Analytica in January 2018, and in April of the same year, she testified before the U.K. parliamentary investigation on Fake News by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, providing both verbal and written testimony and documents. For her parliamentary testimony, she was advised in the U.K. by leading human rights barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC and by Mark Stephens CBE, a leading data attorney. In the U.S., she is represented by attorneys Jim Walden and Amanda Senske of Walden Macht & Haran LLP. Jim is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, who has significant experience representing whistleblowers.

Brittany Kaiser decided to become a whistleblower for two reasons. First, she wanted the truth about Cambridge Analytica and its activities to be exposed in the public domain. Second, she had come to the conclusion that the whole system of data brokerage was flawed and in contravention of fundamental human rights. When controversy about the company’s practices broke in the news, Brittany agreed to a preliminary debriefing by The Guardian in March 2018 as part of the news organization’s Cambridge Analytica Files investigation. She provided an initial selection of documents and information, which were the basis for a momentous story on Brexit, the Trump campaign, Facebook, and more.

Brittany’s experience with Cambridge Analytica has deepened her belief that people need and deserve greater rights over both the use and proceeds of their own data. She spends her time exploring ways to empower individuals to protect and take control of their digital rights, assets and identities for their own benefit.

Throughout 2018, Brittany offered her assistance to governments and private companies in developing policies on, and programs for, data and blockchain technologies. Before meeting with The Guardian in March, she began lobbying for bills to be passed protecting digital rights, including defining digital assets as property for each individual.  To that end, she co-founded the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), a 501C6 lobbying non-profit. Alongside her work with DATA, Brittany acted as an expert witness and gave testimony to investigations on the data industry, big tech and elections, around the world, helping achieve landmark decisions against data abusers and achieve changes in policy for both the public and private sector.

After her first whistleblowing interviews, Brittany started the #OwnYourData campaign, asking corporations such as Facebook to change their terms and conditions to provide transparency, opt-in and property/monetization rights over the data produced in their platforms. Brittany has joined the boards of over 10 ethical technology companies to help develop solutions that promote transparency, consent-based data sharing, data sovereignty, and cybersecurity. She has also recently joined the board of The Center for Data Privacy, which won the first case against Equifax, to help individuals protect their legal rights over their personal data and file for compensation for data breaches.

Brittany is also an author of the new book with Harper Collins, entitled “Targeted: The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower’s Inside Story of How Big Data, Trump and Facebook Broke Democracy.” This book will hold a global non-fiction launch on October 22, 2019, and roll out across additional territories through 2020.

Brittany is considered to be an expert in the use of data, digital asset legislation, and blockchain technology. She speaks about these topics at public forums and conferences around the world to promote sustainable change and adoption of ethical principles for digital life.


Daniel Selman

Data Protection Officer, Camelot Group.

Daniel has been working in Data Protection since 2008 when as a civil servant in the MOD he was appointed to jointly lead the team delivering the responses to the 90+ recommendations arising from the Data Handling Review and Burton Report.  In 2016 he made the move to the Private Sector and has subsequently worked for Direct Line Group, Informa and Goldman Sachs before taking up his current role as Data Protection Officer for Camelot Group.

Keynote speaker

Geoff White

Investigative Journalist Covering Technology,

Ever wondered how the latest developments in technology are affecting our world? Geoff White has. He dives deep into these issues as an accomplished keynote speaker and prolific writer, having spoken on panels and chaired debates at venues ranging from London's Chatham House think-tank to the Latitude music festival. His reports for Channel 4 News and BBC Radio 4 aim to create real-world change, with a particular focus on e-crime and cybersecurity: his words have brought about arrests, regulatory investigations and legislative action. Geoff also created the Data Baby project, a unique experiment which used a fictional online identity to expose how our personal data is being used - and abused - online. He recently completed a 10-part series delving into the shadow dark web economy that feeds on stolen personal data, hacked computers and corporate incompetence. He is also the co-creator of The Secret Life of Your Mobile Phone, a live, interactive phone hacking stage performance which shows how the global technology industry is harvesting the data leaking from your handset.


Richard Parlour

chairman of the EU Task Force on Cybersecurity Policy for the Financial Sector, Centre for European Policy Studies

Richard Parlour is chairman of the EU Task Force on Cybersecurity Policy for the Financial Sector, and has been a member of the DCMS Cyber Experts Working Group and chairman of the FSB Home Affairs Committee. He is also on the Bank of England Financial Markets Law Committee Brexit Advisory Group. Richard is an experienced international financial markets lawyer. His firm, Financial Markets Law International ( has a particular specialism in deterrence of economic crime, cyber investigations and training.


Emerald De Leeuw

European Young Innovator of the Year,

Emerald de Leeuw LL.B LL.M MSc, is an award winning entrepreneur, data protection lawyer and lecturer. She has advised companies all over the world on all things privacy, data protection and digital ethics. She speaks regularly and leading conferences and events, most notably:

MIT Sloan School of business
Dublin Tech Summit
European Parliament on matters relating to transatlantic collaboration.

She was invited to join MIT Sloan’s School of Business’ Cybersecurity consortium in 2018 where she contributed on areas relating to European data protection law.

Forbes named her one of 100 female founders to watch and she has featured regularly in publications such as Bloomberg Law.

After completing four academic degrees, including writing a Master thesis on the GDPR in 2012, she founded Eurocomply; a consulting firm focused on all matters relating to data protection and privacy. In addition to her work with Eurocomply, she is a faculty member and board examiner at the Law Society of Ireland. Furthermore, she serves on the advisory board at University College Cork Law School.

In 2018 she was awarded the prestigious German Marshall Fund Fellowship from the US Department of State. In 2017, the European Commission, Parliament, and EYIF in Brussel awarded Emerald the European Young Innovator of the Year Award and she received a 30 under 30 award in 2017.  She works closely with the European Young Innovators Forum and the German Marshall Fund of the United States to improve transatlantic cooperation for entrepreneurs and to improve the ecosystem for female professionals and entrepreneurs.

Her qualifications include two law degrees (LL.B), a Masters in E-Law and Intellectual Property (LL.M), a Masters in Business Information Systems and the CIPP/E certification. She is also Harvard Law Certified in Copyright Law



Sandip Patel QC

Barrister / Partner, Scarmans

Sandip Patel QC FCIArb specialist in corporate, banking and financial service law. He advises clients across a range of industries and geographies, providing proactive and commercial legal advice on a broad range of corporate transactions including restructuring and insolvency, public and private fundraisings, this includes providing ongoing operation, regulatory and compliance services to investment funds and the project management of VCT public transactions requiring compliance with the Listing Rules and Prospectus Rules. 
He appears in domestic and international commercial disputes concerning fraud, finance, goods and services, energy and natural resources and construction. He appears in international arbitrations conducted under the rules of various institutions (ICSID, ICC, HKIAC, LCIA) and ad hoc proceedings under the UNCITRAL Rules within civil law and common-law jurisdictions. He appeared recently in a reported international arbitration case on the enforcement in England of a New York Convention award ([2018] EWHC 2713 (Comm)).
As head of Scarmans’ Data Protection Team and Chief Adviser to OSP Cyber Academy, he advises organisations on data laws, privacy, protection, and cyber security. He is Chairperson of the Cybercrime Practitioners’ Association. 
In the “Leading silks” list, The Legal 500 United Kingdom guide to outstanding silks nationwide said this about him, “He has a pleasing and reassuring courtroom manner”, “a very good all-round advocate, who is quick on his feet in court”. Described as “a truly exceptional lawyer with a phenomenal eye for detail”.


Stacy M. Arruda

Executive Director , State of Florida ISAO for Cyber Security

As the Executive Director for the Florida Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (FL-ISAO), Ms. Arruda is responsible for directing the FL-ISAO’s mission to enable cybersecurity resilience for the State of Florida’s critical infrastructure sectors, sub-sectors and other communities-ofinterest,  by accelerating public- and private-sector security situational awareness and defensive measures information sharing and coordinated response, supported by the adoption of best practice operationalized by workforce education.  Ms. Arruda also is the CEO and Founder of the ARRUDA Group, a consulting firm.
Ms. Arruda retired from the FBI in 2018.  During her 22-career, she held a wide range of operational and leadership roles in the Field and at FBI Headquarters.  She is credited with drafting the FBI’s response to electronic attack in the International arena, as well as boosting the FBI’s computer crime and cybersecurity investigative capabilities.  She directed numerous computer intrusion investigations spanning the globe, including denial-of-service attacks, bank and corporate breaches, and state sponsored intrusions.  Ms. Arruda has over 20 years of experience in Cyber and Counterintelligence matters.  
Ms. Arruda lectures on a variety of Cyber related topics at leading universities and serves as a keynote speaker at major cyber security conferences around the world. She is a SME on the link between Social Media and data breaches.  Ms. Arruda is on the Board of Directors for the National Credit Union-Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (NCU-ISAO), as well as the State of Florida-ISAO.
Ms. Arruda earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Florida, and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Florida International University (FIU). She recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Leadership and Strategy from FIU.

Seminar speaker

Charl Van Der Walt

Strategic Director, SecureData

After many years in an “attack and penetration” testing role at SensePost, Charl van der Walt has a deep understanding of the “offensive” paradigm within information security with a particular interest and passion for teaching and training. Over the years he has given courses and lectures for companies and universities the world over and has been a regular on the infosec conference circuit, appearing as a speaker at the prestigious Black Hat Briefings multiple times, where SensePost has consistently also been the biggestselling training provider over the past 10 years. van der Walt has been a security training advisor to the US DoD for over 5 years, has acted as a network security consultant for the Commonwealth Games and co-authored numerous security books like The Penetration Tester’s Open Source Toolkit, Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent and Aggressive Network Self-Defence.

Keynote speaker

Dave Palmer

Director of Technology, Darktrace

Dave Palmer is the Director of Technology at Darktrace, overseeing the mathematics and engineering teams and project strategies. With over ten years of experience at the forefront of government intelligence operations, Palmer has worked across UK intelligence agencies GCHQ & MI5, where he delivered mission-critical infrastructure services, including the replacement and security of entire global networks, the development of operational internet capabilities and the management of critical disaster recovery incidents. He holds a first-class degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the University of Birmingham.

Seminar speaker

Michel Bechard

Services & Products Manager, SecureData

Michél Bechard has for many years had specific interest in IT security and the ever-evolving challenges businesses face in this area. He is an active participant on a number of industry specific forums and a member of the British Chartered Institute of IT Practitioners. In addition to various Microsoft accreditations, Michel is also C|EH accredited. Michél brings nearly 20 years of both strategic and tactical hands on technical experience in the information technology and information security industries. He’s worked at senior management level for Comodo Security Solutions Inc, a prominent Managed Services Provider in London, United Kingdom, as an independent consultant, and founded and grew his own information technology services business in his home town of Cape Town, South Africa.

Seminar speaker

Pavel Mucha

Systems Engineer, Cybereason

Pavel Mucha is a Senior Pre-Sales Specialist at Cybereason and one of the good guys working tirelessly to give our customers the upper hand against adversaries.  His experience with Cybereason and McAfee makes him a valuable asset for anybody needing to understand how to defend their organisation against the next generation of cyber threats.  A fluent Russian speaker, in his spare time Pavel collects old Saab cars – we guess somebody has to.  


Kathryn Brett Goldman

Ladies of London Hacking Society,

Kate is the CEO and Founder of Cybermaniacs, an innovative cyber awareness company and the Director of Development for the Ladies of London Hacking Society. With 20 years in the IT trenches working with a range of organisations from trailblazers in the naughties to global organisations grappling with transformation and agility, she still sees people at the heart of change.  Kate is currently a NED and Advisor to startups in the UK and US, and speaks internationally on leadership, cyber security, and technology change topics.

Seminar speaker

Sam Thompson

Sales Engineer, Sophos

Sam is a highly qualified cybersecurity professional with real-world, hands-on experience. Early in his IT career, Sam witnessed the impact cybercrime can have on small businesses which sparked his interest in cybersecurity.

Sam’s passion for helping better protect organizations from today’s cyber threats led him to join cybersecurity vendor Sophos in 2016 where he quickly gained experience through work in multiple departments including support and sales engineering through successive promotions.

Today Sam works as a respected and experienced engineering professional which has resulted in him working as a bridge between Sales, Customers, Product management and Sophos Labs thus ensuring Sophos products evolve to meet customer requirements and ensuring customers are made aware of the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.


Scott Walker

Technical Sales Engineer, UK and Ireland , Varonis

Scott heads up the Commercial Sales Engineering team at Varonis, helping organisations protect their sensitive information from threats, automate time-consuming tasks, and extract valuable insights from their data. He has a number of years’ experience as an IT infrastructure administrator through retail, financial investment, and software service sectors, giving him the real-world experience of data governance practices.

Scott gained a B.Sc. (Hons.) in ‘Computer Science’ from the University of Edinburgh and graduated with a M.Sc. in ‘Computer Aided Engineering’ from Edinburgh Napier University.


Richard Flanders

Head Of Cloud Sales UK, CheckPoint

Richard has spent over 30 years in the IT business and has worked for a variety of well-known organisations in that time, including CheckPoint, VMware and Fujitsu. He is well-known in the industry for being a thought-leader and a speaker who challenges preconceptions around emergent technologies. He is currently building a whole new business for Checkpoint based on protecting public and private cloud infrastructures


Samantha Humphries

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Exabeam

Samantha has 20 years of experience in cyber security, and during this time has held a plethora of roles, one of her favorite titles being Global Threat Response Manager, which was definitely sounds more glamorous than it was in reality. She has defined strategy for multiple security products and technologies, helped hundreds of organizations of all shapes, sizes, and geographies recover and learn from cyberattacks, and trained anyone who’ll listen on security concepts and solutions. In her current regeneration, she’s thoroughly enjoying being a part of the global product marketing team at Exabeam, where she has responsibility for EMEA, Data Lake, plus anything that has “cloud” in the name. Sam’s a go-to person for data compliance related questions and has to regularly remind people that she isn’t a lawyer, although if she had a time machine she probably would be. She authors articles for various security publications and is a regular speaker and volunteer at industry events, including BSides, IPExpo, CyberSecurityX, The Diana Initiative, and Blue Team Village (DEFCON).


Richard Cassidy

Sales Engineering Lead, Exabeam

Richard Cassidy has been consulting to businesses on cyber security strategies and programs for more than 19 years, working across highly regulated industries including finance, insurance, retail, manufacturing, government and military. During his career, Richard has been heavily engaged in the design and implementation of solutions, helping organizations in evolving security, compliance, risk management, data assurance, automation, orchestration & response practices. Richard’s security operations experience includes managing CERT, breach response teams, threat intelligence & hunting teams, as well as teaching customers a practical understanding of how their data and assets are targeted by cyber-criminal groups, driving effective security practices and mitigation strategies. Combining hands on experience of the technologies and services that have evolved over the past two decades, with a detailed perspective on end user security risks, Richard focuses on delivering thought leadership tracks that help decision makers define practical security, compliance and data assurance strategies. He is well versed in showing organizations how to better navigate a highly complex and automated threat landscape, in tandem with achieving (and maintaining) regulatory, compliance and data assurance mandates that business leaders face in today’s technology landscape. Throughout his career, Richard has participated in a number of speaker sessions at events including BlackHat 2017 and most recently at IP Expo 2018. During his time at Alert Logic Richard narrated a partner track for IP Expo as well as talk tracks on topics including the cyber kill chain, threat intelligence, applied threat intelligence, and the role of the SOC.”


Brent Davidson

Vice President, International Sales,, Sapphire

Brent is a 25+ year IT/Infosec veteran including 10 years of operations management experience in a large insurance company. He has in depth experience creating a security strategy and managing network & security operations. After spending time within the SIEM market and MSSP market he has been leading the International presence of ZeroFOX in regions outside of the Americas.


Donnie MacColl

Director of EMEA Technical Services, Help Systems

Donnie MacColl is Director of EMEA Technical Services. He has worked for more than 25 years in the IT industry, initially specialising in the management of IBM systems in manufacturing and logistics companies, and later in his career developing expertise in network and enterprise management. A regular speaker at international events, he has worked with many industry sectors to help improve cost efficiencies and has implemented solutions across some of the largest data centers in the United States, Asia Pacific, and Europe. He specialises in cyber security, IT governance & compliance and advanced automation across multi-platform environments.


Jonny Tennyson

Security Fabric Specialist, Fortinet

Previously Head of Customer Success at the recently acquired ZoneFox, Jonny now helps bring the value of Fortinet’s security fabric ecosystem to life in the form of solutions to the benefit of customers, partners and MSSP’s. Having spent his career entirely within the technology sector in customer-focused roles, Jonny brings a passion for technology and helping customers succeed to his role in Fortinet. During his career, Jonny has been at the forefront as an ambassador for many blue-chip brands, helping Intel’s Tier-1 customers see success with their solutions, helping SolarWinds MSP’s largest MSP partners drive additional revenue and drive down their cost of service through successful solution deployment and revenue strategies, as well as being the face of brands such as Samsung, Sony and HP to customers within the UK.what that means for the future of corporate IT security!


Richard Dickinson

UK Sales Director, XM Cyber

A leading technology professional with over 20 years’ experience specialising in Network & Cyber Security. Richard joined XM Cyber in October 2018 with a shared belief that traditional approaches to manual assessment of infrastructure are no longer aligned to todays world of Dynamic Networks and Systems. Richard is passionate about the power of automation to reduce the risk, cost and complexity of delivering cyber security within Enterprises


Lasse Thomsen

Innovation, Oxford University

Lasse Thomsen, Information Systems Manager at Oxford University, and a customer of Keepit. Lasse joined Oxford University Innovation in 2016 and is responsible for driving information systems improvement to meet the current and future needs of the business, maintain the provision of a first class proactive support service to the business, and for the secure and effective operation and co-ordination of all computer systems, related applications, hardware, and software.


Peter Skov

Partner Account Manager, Keepit

Peter comes with a background of 15 years of experience consulting companies about IT security solutions.


Mark Howell

VP UKI/Europe , Attivo

Mark Howell has worked in senior roles within Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Meru Networks and most recently at Attivo Networks during a 20 year career in Networking and Security.

Mark is passionate about bringing exciting, new,  but proven solutions to the UKI & European Markets.  Attivo Networks’ detection and incident response platform is such a solution. 


Shreyans Mehta

Co-founder and CTO, Cequence Security

Shreyans Mehta is an innovator in network security and holds several patents in the field. Before co-founding Cequence Security, he was Architect and Technical Director at Symantec, where he led the development of one of the most advanced network security platforms and intrusion prevention technologies based on real-time packet inspection and cloud-based big data analytics. It’s responsible for detecting more than half of the billions of threats that Symantec identifies every year. At Symantec, Shreyans started the Safeweb initiative for marking malicious sites in search results and played a key role in making it a successful standalone product. In partnership with VMware, he developed one of the first agentless IPS engines that transparently protect virtual machines. Before that, he was a lead engineer at VPN Dynamics, a VPN/firewall startup. Shreyans has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Keynote speaker

Kevin Fielder

CISO, Just Eat

Kevin Fielder is Chief Information Security Officer at Just Eat with overall responsibility for global security and resilience across the dynamic FTSE100 company.  He has created and delivered a highly successful security strategy which meets the demands of an agile worldwide business. With an extensive background spanning financial services and payments, Kevin excels in leading high performing teams and also effectively engaging boards around cyber risk and resilience. An experienced and dynamic information security professional, Kevin is also a board advisor to several organisations, an experienced speaker and is an active member of the cyber security community promoting awareness, diversity and innovation.