Colonel (Retd) John Doody FBCS FCMI CITP IISP MIOD

John Doody is the Author of “From Stripes to Stars” and Director of Interlocutor Services Limited, a company established in 2003 to promote Information Assurance and Cyber Security issues both nationally and internationally, the company offers a range of services including Marketing, Communications, Public Speaking, Strategy Reviews, Information Assurance, Cyber Security and Information Technology, these services are geared to the strategic level within government and industry.

Prior to this John served at CESG/GCHQ for 10 years in the appointment of Head of Information Assurance Customer Services. John has a wealth of knowledge across the whole spectrum of Cyber Security and Information Assurance. In this latter appointment he was a major contributor to CESG’s move to a commercial business footing. John also had a role as a Non-Executive Director to a security company as well as providing Strategic Advice to a number of major UK and US IT Security companies. John’s recent major role was as the Global Strategic Cyber Security Adviser to Ultra Electronics Limited where he reported directly to the CEO on Cyber Security matters. He also provided Strategic Advice to FireEye, Booze Allan and Safenet, three large US Cyber companies. John has the unique experience of having held appointments in Defence, the Intelligence Services and Industry.

John is currently a Deloitte Associate.

John is a retired officer of the UK Royal Corps of Signals, a Corps in which he served for 33 years rising to the rank of Colonel.

John is a qualified engineer and has held a number of strategic engineering appointments in the UK Ministry of Defence including system support to PTARMIGAN and WAVELL, the army’s tactical communication and CIS systems, Director in the Procurement Executive as Project Director for Army Electronic Warfare, Battlefield Target Engagement System (BATES), Air Defence CIS system (ADCIS) and WAVELL managing £1B of programmes.

John has also worked in the R&D environment working on Electronic Warfare Simulation. John also served in various operational environments including Loan Service to the Trucial Oman Scouts (A Paramilitary Force) in the Middle East.

John has chaired many international committees dealing with Cyber, Information Assurance, Communications and Interoperability. John is well known on the national and international Cyber/ Information Assurance Conference circuit where he has chaired many events and has given over 100 talks on Cyber and Information Assurance. John is a renowned Evangelist for Cyber Security and Information Assurance.

John held the position of an International Class Director for the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) International (Fairfax Virginia USA). John is a past President and Vice-President of the AFCEA UK WEST Chapter and he served as a Member at Large for AFCEA London in the early 90s. John was also the Cyber Security Lead for the BCS Security Community of Expertise.

John was awarded the CESG/GCHQ Directors Medal in 2003.

John was elevated to the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame in 2012.

John was nominated “Godfather of Cyber Security 2021” at the Unsung Cyber Heroes Award Ceremony in the city of London in October 2021

Keynote speaker

Louis Theroux

Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Journalist, Broadcaster, and Author,

Louis Theroux is a documentary presenter best known for producing immersive documentaries that explore the often controversial and complex aspects of the human condition. Using a gentle questioning style and an informal approach, he has shone light on intriguing beliefs, behaviours, and institutions by getting to know the people at the heart of them – from the officers and inmates at San Quentin prison to the extreme believers of the Westboro Baptist Church; from male porn performers in California to young women with eating disorders in London.

Theroux graduated from Oxford in 1991 and got his break in television in 1994 working for the American documentary maker Michael Moore, who hired him as a writer and correspondent on his show, TV Nation. He then went on to make the Bafta-winning series ‘Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, When Louis Met…’, and a series of award-winning specials including ‘The Most Hated Family in America’, ‘Miami Mega Jail’, ‘Altered States’ and the feature-length documentary, ‘My Scientology Movie’.

Over the years, Louis Theroux has kept true to a way of working that is uniquely his own: by charming his subjects, he’s able to offer rounded portraits of the people involved in complex social issues and human dilemmas, while always resisting easy judgments.

Louis Theroux has won numerous awards, including three BAFTAs, an RTS award, and Grierson’s Trustees’ Award. Louis’ second book, Gotta Get Theroux This, was published in 2019.

Keynote speaker

Kevin Fielder

CISO, Mettle

Innovative and dynamic security professional, with a passion for driving change by successfully engaging with all levels of the business.
Passionate about the benefits of cognitive diversity as a key ingredient of successful organisations.
Team builder, driver of change, focussed on the benefits of supporting and enabling great people to deliver their best; the right processes and technology will follow.
Proven strategic outlook with the ability to engage with all levels of the business to gain buy-in for innovative and effective security programmes.
Demonstrated ability to execute on plans and materially improve organisations security postures.
Loves understanding people and finding parallels between security and everyday life!

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Jamie Bartlett

Author, presenter: The People Vs Tech, The Dark Net, Radicals & The Missing Cryptoqueen. Interest: Tech & society.,

Represented by Peter Fraser & Dunlop. Contact [email protected]

Writer & technology researcher.

Ted Talk about the dark net:

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Bronagh Healey

Security Awareness Lead | Specialising in changing security behaviours and cultures in government through education and awareness | 🔴❌TEDx Speaker, HM Revenue & Customs

ISecurity Awareness Delivery Lead | Specialising in embedding security culture and positive security behaviours in government through education and awareness | TEDx Speaker | HM Revenue & Customs Bronagh has 5 plus years working in the security profession across a variety of roles, including operational, product design & development, governance and consultancy. Bronagh graduated from the University of Ulster in 2011 with a BSc degree in multi media, computing and software design. With a wealth of technical and cyber based knowledge, behavioural economics and cultural training she currently specialise’s in mitigating the human security risk facing government by improving security behaviours and embedding a strong security culture within government through education, training and awareness.    Bronagh is passionate about diversifying security by showing up for the under represented in the security industry and shining a light on the often overlooked skill sets, besides technical that are needed for the profession to thrive. Bronagh’s mission is to lead by example and pave the way for the future generations of security professionals who maybe don’t fit the stereotypical blue print.   Bronagh is an associate of the Security Institute, a member of the HMRC Women in Tech steering group and a TEDx speaker. 

Keynote speaker

Daniel dos Santos

Head Security Research, Forescout (Vedere Labs)

Daniel dos Santos is the Head of Security Research at Forescout's Vedere Labs, where he leads a team of researchers that identifies new vulnerabilities in IT/OT/IoT/IoMT devices and monitors active threats. He holds a PhD in computer science, has published over 30 journal and conference papers on cybersecurity and has spoken at conferences such as Black Hat, Hack In The Box, and x33fcon.

Keynote speaker

Sophia Adhami

Director Cyber Security Engagement and Awareness, Sage

Sophia leads Sage’s security awareness and engagement programme for 11,000 employees and external audiences and leads on Sage’s Insider Risk Programme. Sophia joined Sage in April 2020 after over a decade in central government in the House of Commons and the Cabinet Office, working in a variety of Parliamentary and Security roles spanning policy, intelligence analysis, legislation, and programme delivery. A big believer in human-centric security and cyber education, she is an evangelist for making security teams care about people and culture.
Active in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion space for over a decade, Sophia created and led a gender equality network for women in national security and is passionate about access, equitable recruitment and inclusion in cyber security. Through external collaborations, partnerships and activism in this space, Sophia focuses on inclusion as the foundation for addressing many of these issues both within Sage and more broadly in the industry.

Keynote speaker

Lisa Minogue-White

Senior Director, Pluralsight

Lisa joined Pluralsight in 2017 as an enterprise account director, then became a founding member of the strategic account team providing consultancy to the world’s largest companies to drive digital transformation, technology adoption, delivery and innovation through closing technology skills gaps and providing technology leaders with data insights into their ability to deliver on their technology strategy. Her customers have become award winners in technology skills transformation. In 2022 she become Senior Director leading the Strategic UK, France and Southern Europe team.Prior to joining Pluralsight, Lisa was co-founder of WillowDNA, an award winning online learning and knowledge management consultancy, global head of collaboration at Orange/France Telecom (now BT/EE) and led the skills strategy for the digitalisation of Companies House for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. She is an international speaker and podcaster on skills transformation and a lead judge for the Learning Technologies awards. She started her career as a test coder in SAP and still owns the BBC Computer her father bought her when she was 10 years old.

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Toby Van de Grift

VP Europe, Swimlane

Toby has worked in IT Security for over 15 years, and  started working in the SOAR space in 2016 (before it was even called SOAR!). Toby has helped SOCs evolve and improve from a variety of industries - FS, Telco, Manufacturing, Media, MSSP and more.

He also has experience with Threat Intelligence, EDR, network security, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management and SIEM.

He is constantly questioning and looking outside of his immediate area to expand his world view and bring new ideas to his customers.

Toby has worked in IT Security for over 15 years, initially starting in the SOAR space in 2016 (before it was even called SOAR!). Toby has helped SOCs evolve and improve in a variety of industries – FS, Telco, Manufacturing, Media, MSSP, and more.

He also has experience with Threat Intelligence, EDR, network security, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management, and SIEM.

He is constantly questioning and looking outside of his immediate area to expand his worldview and bring new ideas to his customers.

Customers say his key skill is his integrity and authenticity - he will only bring technologies and ideas to customers that he genuinely believes will improve security, add value, reduce risk, or a combination thereof.

Keynote speaker

Drew Perry

Drew Perry, Chief Innovation Officer, Ontinue

As the Chief Innovation Officer, Drew Perry drives innovation at Ontinue, ensuring that the ION platform is the leading SecOps automation and collaboration solution in existence. With a background that encompasses founding the game-changing MXDR provider Tiberium and 20 years of experience in both hands-on hacking and business development, Drew brings a unique combination of real-world expertise and forward-thinking ideas to the table.
Under his leadership, Tiberium experienced rapid growth and became a market leader in the delivery of automation-based cyber security services, including creating the world’s first Microsoft Teams integrated Security Operations workflow and being the first UK MSSP to launch a Microsoft Sentinel-based managed service.
Drew’s past technical experience includes battling nation-state threat actors, conducting sophisticated red team cyber operations, and collaborating with governments and cyber defenders worldwide. With a passion for AI and a focus on the future, Drew is committed to empowering individuals to turn their ideas into reality, to benefit Ontinue’s customers.

Keynote speaker

Chris Roberts

Business Development Manager, Security Operations , Fortinet

Chris has worked in IT since 1992 across a variety of disciplines such as IT support, project management, departmental head and business development management, moving into security focussed roles from 2003. Time in end businesses as well as at various key vendors such as HP, Cisco and Fortinet plus more specialised VAR’s has given him a variety of relevant experience and insight into security challenges, potential solutions and mitigation strategies.

Keynote speaker

Neill Cooper

Neill Cooper, Vice President - EMEA, Spycloud

Neill Cooper is the Vice President of EMEA, and joined SpyCloud in April 2019. He brings a passion for new Cyber Security trends and aims to help customers with new problems in the ever changing landscape of challenges that Enterprises are faced with. In previous leadership roles in Europe, Neill has led ZoneFox, Carbon Black, Vormetric and Computer Associates to name a few. Neill brings a wealth of experience working with multiple verticals including Manufacturing, Finance, e-Commerce and Technology. This relevant experience brings a skill and passion for the conversation of translating the topic of Cyber Security into business benefits that Board Members can relate to and see value from.

Keynote speaker

Chris Morris

Senior Solutions Engineer, Cribl

Chris Morris is an experienced IT professional specializing in the Metrics, Events, Logs, Traces (MELT) data space, from both a security and ITOPs lens. He has worked with a breadth of customers across a plethora of sectors, from defence to commercial.

Before entering industry, Chris spent nine years in the British Army, working in the Intelligence and Cyber fields, culminating in a role that involved regular liaison with UK and US intelligence partners. Chris’ ability to impart technical analysis and knowledge during high-profile conferences and at board-level meetings to drive end-to-end cyber operations was second to none.

Chris is exceptionally passionate at working with clients to ensure they derive tangible business and operational value for their data and adopt a methodical and strategic approach, from initial scoping through to delivery.

Keynote speaker

Adam Brown

Managing Consultant, Synopsys

Adam has been a with Synopsys for six years, working briefly as a Sales Engineer with SIG products then taking on a Regional Sales Manager Role for two years where he consistently exceeded his target. Currently working as a Managing Consultant with the software security consulting team in London, in addition to measurements, Adam helps organisations daily with software security activities, be that architecting solutions to best fit their risk and needs or partnering with them to orchestrate delivery of Synopsys’ services.

Keynote speaker

Josh Davies

Principal Technical Product Marketing Manager , Fortra

Josh Davies is a Product Manager at Fortra’s Alert Logic. Formerly a Security Analyst and Solutions Architect, Josh has hands on experience in incident response and threat hunting activities before working with organisations to identify appropriate security solutions. Josh continues to be closely involved with security operations and threat intelligence.

Keynote speaker

Nicholas King

CISSP Head of Solutions at Orange Cyberdefense, Orange Cyberdefense

Nicholas King, CISSP Head of Solutions at Orange Cyberdefense
A Cyber Security professional with 25 years’ experience in the legal sector and MSSPs. A specialist in Data security, with experience of industry frameworks and data regulations

Keynote speaker

Nour Fateen

Sales Engineering EMEA, Recorded Future

Nour Fateen is a cybersecurity specialist with over eight years of experience in the industry. Currently at Recorded Future, Nour has spent the last four years helping some of the largest businesses in the world improve their security posture using security intelligence. He has previously held positions in Cisco Systems and Goldman Sachs. Nour received a Master in Electronic Engineering & Nanotechnology from University College London.

Keynote speaker

Tim Ward

CEO, RedFlags

Tim is CEO and Co-Founder (with Dr Mike Butler) of Think Cyber Security Ltd. ThinkCyber offer the next generation in Security Awareness. Their Redflags® software product applies behavioural and learning science theory, in a highly innovative approach to deliver context-sensitive just-in-time guidance.
Tim has worked in IT for more than 25 years both in consulting and corporate IT with organisations including Logica, PA Consulting, Sepura and was previously Global Head of IT for the cyber division of BAE Systems (previously known as Detica). Tim graduated top of his year in Computer Science with AI at the University of Leeds, holds an MBA from the Open University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Cambridge University.
Tim posts daily on security awareness and behaviour change topics on LinkedIn and is proud to have helped ThinkCyber gain significant recognition for their Redflags® product: Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab 2022; TechUK Cyber Innovator of the Year 2021; SC Award Europe (Best Professional Training Programme); CyberTech100; TechInvest GovTech Top 10; Finalists in NYC Mayor’s Cyber Security Moonshot Challenge; members of TechNation Cyber 2.0 cohort; members of London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) cohort 1; Finalists [email protected] 9.0.