The Future Of Cyber Security Europe offer the invitation to attend the industries most highly anticipated Cyber Security Event of 2024.

The day will be exclusive, invite-only cyber security conference for senior professionals so will be a closed-door, invite-only conference and expedition. Featuring over 300 hand-picked senior executives from major UK and European firms offering you exclusive access to intelligence from world renowned, industry-Leading Experts. Over 30 invaluable seminar, workshop, panel and breakout sessions, all featuring the leading names in the cyber security field.

Industry-leading conference and seminar sessions

Future of Cyber Security Europe will feature 400 hand-picked senior executives from major UK and European firms.

Aimed at Board level executives and IT Directors from industries and government services such as health care, critical infrastructure, retail and financial services. Over the course of one day the event will examine recent trends and provide evidence and essential research into cyber crime.

Increase in Cyber Crime Due to COVID

In 2020 cyber attacks were rated 2nd in the Technological Global Risk Report 2020 and 5th over all top rated risk to public and private sectors. The landscape is continually changing and being reshaped by technology. Proving recent knowledge and studies in the cyber security field create a great advantage to be one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Since the beginning of 2020 the COVID pandemic has erupted a rapid and dramatic spike in cyber crime. Cyber crime such as data destruction, data hacking, and embezzlement have increased by a HUGE 600%. The increase of people working remotely or from home has forced multiple industries to adapt to cyber crime fast. Data breeches can cost a business millions of pounds in fines. Evident when British Airways received a fined in 2020 after users of its website were unknowingly re-directed to a fraudulent site.

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and expensive to deal with. The cost of a breach can be huge, often reaching millions of pounds. The average world wide cost of cyber-attack is estimated to be $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion in 2015.  Cyber criminals are adapting their attack methods by targeting the human layer (the weakest link in cyber defence) through increased ransomware and phishing and social engineering attacks as a path to entry.

Current Cyber Security Strategies and Technology

The Future of Cyber Security Event Europe will provide attendees with seminars, workshops, and most current cyber security strategies and technology.

Expert knowledge, studies and information from latest government cyber security strategy (The new National Cyber Strategy 2022) and Important current news regarding the EU Update to Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

These strategies and technologies help to ensure that the UK can remain confident, capable and resilient in the fast-moving digital world of cyber security.

Peer-to-peer Networking

Our seminar streams and interactive round tables feature CSOs and thought leaders from multiple industries, aiming to encourage delegates to participate in the discussion, in an intimate setting with their peers.

Throughout the day, you will have exclusive access to the latest cyber security innovation focused themes such as:

·       Cyber security analytics and monitoring
·       Personal identity
·       High risk industries
·       Government surveillance
·       Ransomware
        Mobile Security
·       IoT
·       GDPR
·       DDoS
·       Encryption
·       Open Source & License Management 
·       APTs
·       ID management
·       Data protection
·       Threat intelligence
·       Intrusion detection
·       Incident response
·       Cloud security
·       Cyber terrorism
·       Hackivism
·       Protecting critical infrastructure
·       Insider threat
·       Spear phishing
·       Social engineering
·       Big data
·       Space hacking
·       Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
·       The UK Government’s cyber security strategy
·       and many more....