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Security in Europe 2018: Legislation, data protection and cyber threats


  • ·     The growing risks and costs of cybercrime to businesses
  • ·     The importance of cyber skills and strategies
  • ·     The threats to businesses and how to overcome them
  • ·     The latest tools and technologies to fight cyber-attacks
The Dynamics of Cybercrime: The Role of Sharing Information, Networking, Crossing Borders, and Patience in Organized Cybercrime Communities.

Brett Johnson

Reformed US Most Wanted Cybercriminal turned Cybersecurity Expert Brett Johnson discusses the mechanics of organized cybercrime groups:  Why they exist,  How they operate, and What makes a successful cybercrook.

Battle of the Authentication Methods: Which authentication methods work and which ones will leave you vulnerable to a hack?

Himanshu Verma

Learn about the strengths & weaknesses of each method and understand what authentication myths are true and which are not. Test your own understanding and see if you've fallen victim to the false MFA beliefs that are common today.

Cybercrime: A Prosecutor's Perspective: Case studies-Facebook, Anonymous, Spamhouse, etc

Sandip Patel QC

How Glen Mangham hacked Facebook’s source code.

How Anonymous waged global cyber campaigns.

How Seth Nolan-McDonagh almost crashed the Internet.

Leveraging AI for Dynamic & Surgical Autonomous Response for Cyber Defence

Dave Palmer

Proposing a new approach to cyber defence, which uses dynamic AI systems that can counter the activity of malicious threats. This new advanced AI technology can autonomously contain and monitor relevant threats, increasing confidence that a problem is emerging before automatically stopping the threat without interrupting normal business and employee activities.

Presentation from Anonymous Scandinavia

Anonymous Scandinavia

  • Ghost In The Machine
  • Surveillance
  • AI

Q&A - we ourselves ask questions and provide the answer,- for example:

1.: Why are you Anonymous?

2.: When did @AnonScan make their first hack?

3.: Have you ever hacked the CIA or other Secret Services?


Not becoming the next cybersecurity headline is difficult, very difficult !

Etienne Greeff

The only certainty in Cybersecurity is that high profile compromises will continue to dominate the headlines. This leaves boards with the question: How do we prevent ourselves becoming the next headline? Most companies know that they need to implement a threat detection program to get in front of the cyber challenge. Getting it right is hard, very hard. This talk looks at the overall threat landscape and provides a recipe for designing a threat detection program whether you decide to outsource or do it yourself The key takeaways from this talk include understanding the building blocks and processes required to make sure you stand a chance of not becoming the next headline.

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Chairs Opening Address

Colonel (Retd) John Doody FBCS FCMI CITP IISP MIOD

The Abyss is Waving Back… The four paths that human evolution is charging down, and how we choose which one’s right…

Chris Roberts

As humans we have four evolutionary paths:
1.     We embrace nanotechnology and Bionanotechnology… we become more dependent upon machines and slowly move towards integration with the systems (we know we’re looking at 80% integration in the next 20 years at least)
2.     We embrace consciousness and some of us end up in New Zealand hanging out in an AS/400…bodies no longer needed
3.     AI wakes up, looks round wonders WHY humans are in the driving seat and takes over… OR we end up unplugging it and rebooting back to the 1900’s…
4.     The stumbling drunk…simply put we keep staring into the abyss and almost falling in, only to somehow manage to come back from the collapse, the challenge is HOW many times can we do this before we simply fall in?


Niall MacLeod

·The ATT&CK Framework isn’t new - it’s actually been around for about five years. However it’s come to the fore in 2018 and is now being widely spoken about and adopted. What is it and how have Anomali incorporated it into our threat intelligence platform.

Cyber Security Transformation for a Cloud Generation

Darren Thomson

Over the next decade, there will be a substantial shift in compute usage models. At the same time seismic security and privacy issues will oppose perceived gains from these changes. This session explores how to manage this looming crisis around automation, budget, cloud, Dark Internet and privacy concerns, and the substantial security transformation that is required.

Cybersecurity: The Modern Business Has No Perimeter

Jonny Tennysonn

Insider attacks are on the rise – a cyber strategy focused on protecting the perimeter is futile.
Employees are now the perimeter and they’re always on the move; remote working opens organisations up to increased risks surrounding their data.
What does the Insider Threat look like?

“Weaponising information: the future of fake news, cyber breaches and black market data trading”

Geoff White

  • What exactly is “fake news” and how will it evolve?
  • Why do some cybersecurity stories get reported while others are ignored?
  • How will legislation and regulation change the landscape for victims and perpetrators?
  • How are hacker tactics changing journalism, politics and finance?
  • What is the impact of the emerging “dark nexus” of cybercriminals, investigators, propagandists and traders?
Seconds out! When algorithms don’t play nice with our applications and lives

Etienne Greeff

There is a popular narrative that Artificial Intelligence is the next generation Cybersecurity defence able to deal with sophisticated attacks. This talk examines that statement by taking a high level of at AI & Machine Learning how these can be used in both offensive and defensive applications. We start of by looking at some of the terms in AI followed by looking at how effective AI is at defending networks. The talk will show some practical examples of AI based defences followed by recommendations for how this technology can be used within your networks and applications.

Coffee and networking
Talk and Q&A with our key note

Edward Snowden

A one hour extensive interview with Edward Snowden will take place via live stream.

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