A series of thirty minute seminars running at 11:30am & 13:00 of the event day which will allow delegates to understand complex areas of specific interest.

AI and TI – United Intelligence

Security detection that depends primarily on AI/ML capabilities often pitch solutions as panaceas, despite the many obstacles and challenges that remain. Mimecast detection stack applies the right inspections at the right time, with ML algorithms working alongside proven technologies that have been continuously improved over the course of nearly 20 years. Mimecast combine dozens of different approaches, augmented by AI, to yield the industry-leading security efficacy for which Mimecast is known.

Join Justin White for a deeper look at Mimecast multilayered cybersecurity solutions – uniting AI and TI - that businesses need to protect their communications, people, and data.

Exposing the Battlefield: Understanding Hackers' Attack Surfaces

This presentation delves into the myriad ways hackers identify and exploit vulnerabilities in systems, highlighting the diverse attack surfaces ranging from different types of assets like software, domain, networks, to human factors. It offers insights into the hackers' perspective, demonstrating how they find and leverage these surfaces to access, control, or damage systems, thereby underscoring the importance of robust defense strategies.

How to Ruin an Adversaries’ Day: Focusing on threat actor behaviors in cyber threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is much more than indicators of compromise and operational intelligence. Indicators have utility in defending an organization, but their value decreases as adversaries adapt and become  more sophisticated. Cybersecurity teams need to expand their focus on attacker behaviors, and producing operational and strategic intelligence. Using a recent hack, join us In this session as we cover:

• Why moving up the Pyramid of Pain is important
• Moving your CTI focus from operational to tactical and strategic intel, and how to identify and work with intel consumers who will use it
• The role of ATT&CK and CTI


Real-time Threat Mitigation: Unveiling SOC Success Stories

Join us as we delve into real-life scenarios where SenseOn's advanced threat detection capabilities played a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating cyber threats. Learn how our SOC stories showcase the effectiveness of proactive threat hunting and rapid incident response.