Stream 2:

Security for the Cloud Generation

Steven Broadwell

Discovering and preventing malicious attacks in today’s ever evolving threat landscape is an on-going challenge that affects organisations of all types. The coming together of mobile working and cloud services provides businesses with significant  benefits, but also introduce new risks and security challenges that must be addressed. We need to evolve the way that we secure our organisations to adapt to the changing landscape without compromising on the protection we provide to our services. Symantec is in the unique position to provide visibility, protection, detection and response across the key control points. Join Symantec to hear how we can help you to protect your data, employees and services using our Integrated Cyber Defense Platform.

The Evolution of Identity Governance

Martin Whitby

Coming from SailPoint Technologies, the market leader in Identity Governance and Administration, Martin will provide an overview of current identity governance challenges such as governing access to unstructured data.  Martin will also cover the latest technology advancements such as Identity Analytics powered by big data and machine learning. Finally, he will talk about the roadmap for future IG developments and how the evolution of Federated Governance model will lead towards a fully integrated IAM/IAG ecosystem.