Stream 2:

The Rise of Insider Threats – the who, what and why

Jonny Tennyson

The attack surface continues to evolve, and security teams are stretched to mitigate risk against new external attack vectors.  At the same time, the insider threat landscape is also changing as networks become more complex in an increasingly digital workplace making it more difficult to detect and prevent breaches, whether malicious or otherwise. 

The Verizon 2018 Data Breach report found that close to 30% of confirmed breaches today involve insiders.  In this seminar Jonny Tennyson, Security Fabric Specialist at Fortinet and a colleague from managed service specialists, Nouveau Solutions will talk about the rise of Insider Threats; what they are, why you need visibility of what’s going on within your business and how you can combat against this increasingly common threat.


Identity and security - learning from data

Charl Van Der Walt

Ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability is the core purpose of Information Security. All of these depend in one way or another on establishing and confirming the identity of a person that could be anywhere on any computer, in the world and often needs immediate access to dozens of systems containing sensitive and valuable information.

In today’s most prevalent paradigms, identity is confirmed by means of a password, and in most cases, identities and passwords are managed using Microsoft’s Active Directory platform.

In this presentation, we describe and analyse data we collected from millions of cracked passwords obtained during attack and penetration tests performed against dozens of corporate customers worldwide. We use this data to examine how relevant passwords and corporate password policies are in light of contemporary attack methodologies and consider what that means for the future of corporate IT security!

How to Improve Security & Efficiency Of Your Data Movement and Integration GoAnywhere, a HelpSystems Solution

Donnie MacColl

Human error, file transfer inefficiency, and subpar encryption processes are among the common challenges that IT security professionals face when sharing files both inside and outside the organisation.

During this presentation we will look at how your business can avoid the common file transfer pitfalls, how MFT is implemented, and what configurations and management are needed, and what the outsourced options look like.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Avoiding the negative impact that privacy breaches can have on your business
  • How to integrate and streamline connectivity with the apps you use every day on the cloud
  • How to automate your processes between multiple web and cloud services at once through cloud application integrations with MFT
  • Enabling audit trails and visibility and have evidence of transfer completion