Stream 1:

Exposing the tricks and techniques of hackers

Tom Wyatt

Find out what makes your business vulnerable to cyber attack

As cyber security specialists, Bulletproof help businesses stay a step ahead of the hackers, and they will be using their expertise to show how easy it can be for cybercriminals to attack businesses who aren’t prepared. Along with revealing the tricks behind threats like ransomware and social engineering, Bulletproof will also give you some top tips and quick wins on how to protect your data and stay secure online. The cost of cyber crime to UK businesses exceeded £1 billion last year, so now’s the time to start taking cyber security seriously.

The live hack will be presented by Tom Wyatt, a cyber security researcher and expert penetration tester with over a decade of experience in the industry. Having worked with companies across a variety of sectors, Tom has a unique insight, in his research he’s uncovered and reported numerous security vulnerabilities, including leading UK telecoms providers and US Internet search organisations.

Often 'A', sometimes 'P', but always a 'T': A review of current trends and the future development of targeted attacks

David Emm

Targeted attacks are now an established part of the threat landscape and in 2017 the headlines were full of news about sophisticated attacks of all kinds.  Some were highly-targeted, others affected many businesses and quickly reached epidemic proportions.  Often the motive was clear - to gather data, to make money, to cause damage and disruption.  But sometimes the lines between these became blurred.  It's clear that organisations of all kinds need to understand and prepare for cyber-threats affecting their sector.  And this must start with an understanding of the current threat landscape and how it's likely to develop.  This presentation will outline the trends we're seeing and offer some predictions for 2018 and beyond - based on our research into the attacks we have analysed in 2017.