Stream 1:

The fall of castle walls: How to move your perimeter to the cloud

Andrew Gogarty’s

Your castle walls are disappearing and this means you must adapt to protect your users and data Organisations can no longer focus on one choke point to protect themselves as few organisations work behind a single perimeter
How moving your firewall to the cloud can help you adapt your perimeter to the way you work and protect your users no matter where they are

Why cloud firewalling can help you achieve cyber security best practice and stay on top of evolving threats  

Which monsters to fear in a world full of monsters

Charl van der Walt

CISO & CIO has a very difficult task in trying to balance scarce spending priorities. We all understand that the threat landscape is continually evolving and that adversaries are getting smarter and more persistent. So the question is;  which threats do we focus on and where should we focus our scarce resources.  This talk uses our own research to provide  a high level view of the state of the threat. The talk also addresses defensive strategies to stop companies becoming the next hacking  news headline.