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Founded in 2016, usecure are a Manchester-based (UK) provider of user-focused information security awareness training. After working with dozens of IT teams, our founding team of information security professionals discovered that many employees were not absorbing traditional information security courses. The lessons were long and dry; budgets were tight; the jargon was almost impenetrable… something had to change. As a result, usecure was born from the need of a modernised approach for educating end-users on the most relevant security threats targeting today’s businesses.

Realising both the value you place on keeping employee and customer data secure, while also ensuring that productivity is running as smoothly as possible, we raise security awareness throughout your organisation with the most resource-efficient and human-focused solution. usecure's cloud-based training platform offers a comprehensive approach, giving you the ability to ensure user progress without draining company resources - all with our evaluate, educate, simulate and report methodology. This four-step approach allows both a sequential and automated process:

Evaluate: Determine the vulnerabilities of your users and baseline your awareness programme by enrolling them onto our infosec gap analysis questionnaire.
Educate: Use these results to patch user vulnerabilities, with bite-sized uLearn modules automatically deployed from your users’ individually-tailored programmes.
Simulate: Test the effectiveness of your programme by simulating mock-phishing exercises on your user base, with the uPhish simulation tool.
Report: Demonstrate the progression of your users for both internal and compliance purposes, with your data-driven dashboard.

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