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Performanta is a risk-based cybersecurity consultancy and managed service provider pioneering Cyber Safety. We work tirelessly to achieve two things for our clients – lowering your risk and limiting the impact of a successful cyber breach.

Founded in 2010, we have grown to over 150 security professionals with teams in North America, the UK, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Our team of experts have experience across a range of industries and sectors, and we bring that experience to bear at all levels, from understanding your initial risk via a maturity assessment, to cyber project planning and management, to the deployment of a team of experts to help your executive board define and deliver your business strategy.

Our team will also work with you to provide a fully managed service across your security technologies. We then actively monitor your threat environment, tune your policies and report on their efficacy. With regular reviews and engagement from our 24/7 SOC, we become an extended part of your security and IT infrastructure, ensuring you are always protected and as secure as possible.

By using our security platform,, we’re able to provide real-time insight, guidance and action. We monitor your users, platforms, applications and services and can automatically highlight and remediate threats across your attack surface. Our MDR service can detect on one system and respond on another, all safe in the knowledge that our security experts are triaging events and can help on an incident within minutes. Moreover, our consultants work to understand your unique requirements and from this we’ll create a flexible plan.