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Edgescan is the first fully-integrated cybersecurity platform that unifies five robust solutions into a single combative platform. These solutions include External Attack Surface Management (EASM), Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM), Application Security Testing (AST), API Security Testing and Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS). The Edgescan platform is a hybrid solution that provides automated vulnerability intelligence with validation done by humans – it is what differentiates us from scanning tools providing real and actionable results. The platform enables companies to view and map assets across their entire global attack surface discovering unknown records that may direct an attacker to your internet footprint. Edgescan uniquely tests for vulnerabilities that cannot be uncovered through traditional vulnerability scanning alone and employs several risk-rating systems (including our own Edgescan Validated Security Score) resulting in superior risk-based data accelerating identification of critical issues and rapid remediation. All vulnerability information gleaned from any assessment or test is added to a growing collection of intelligence that is stored in our data lake and shared amongst the solutions. The platform reduces the complexity and overhead associated with tool proliferation, speeds up remediation, cuts operational costs, while reducing risk associated with digital transformation and cloud deployments. From application, host development and production deployment; from the desktop to API to cloud to mobile devices; Edgescan secures the web applications and infrastructure that people rely on in their personal and professional lives.