Yanya Viskovich

Attorney-at-Law, Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Ethics Specialist Senior Manager, Security Consulting, Accenture ASG, Switzerland Chair, Swiss Cyber Institute - Cyber Law & Governance WG Advisory Board Member, IDC Europe CISO Summits,,

Yanya Viskovich is a former cybercrime prosecutor who has spent the past 17
years working on cybersecurity from various angles across the globe. She
began her career in Australia prosecuting State and Federal crimes, advising
the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner and training and
capacity-building law enforcement agencies. Since then, Yanya has held
various senior in-house legal, strategic advisory, and research roles - in
large multinationals, government, academia, and in international
organisations including the International Committee of the Red Cross, and
the United Nations - for whom she strategized crisis contingency plans for
Lebanon during the height of the Syria crisis, established anti-fraud
programs, and edited and operationalised the UN's first data protection
policy throughout UNHCR's global operations.

A specialist in human cyber risk, legal data protection and digital ethics,
Yanya is a TEDx and keynote speaker at international cybersecurity
conferences, Fortune 500 company events, industry bodies and associations.
Her March 2023 TEDx talk, "Why Burnout Culture is a Cyber Risk", has been
instrumental in raising awareness about the impacts of stress and burnout on
organisational cyber risk and resilience. A published thought leader in her
field, Yanya has guest lectured on cybersecurity at the European Centre on
Privacy and Cybersecurity at Maastricht University, and on data protection
at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and has contributed to and
edited various professional standards and publications on cybersecurity, AI,
data protection, privacy, and data ethics.

Yanya is based in Zurich, Switzerland, where she is a Senior Manager in
Security Consulting at Accenture, where she supports CISOs, C-Suites and
Boards to build their organisations' cyber resilience by addressing the
human risk factor in cybersecurity. In addition, Yanya is Chair of Cyber Law
& Governance at the Swiss Cyber Institute in Zürich where she hosts thought
leadership roundtables, is an independently appointed expert ethics advisor
to the European Commission HorizonEurope programme, and is a Kickstart
Innovation expert advisor to cybersecurity and deep-tech startups. She has
served as a CISO Summit Advisory Board member of IDC, and as a Judge and
Coach for (medal-winning) post-graduate university teams competing in the
Atlantic Council's Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge - the world's only
multidisciplinary cyber simulation competition focused on bolstering
resilience for tomorrow's cyber challenges.

Yanya is an Australian Bar-admitted attorney and holds a Bachelor of Laws, a
Bachelor of International Relations, and a Master of Laws from the
Australian National University; a Data Protection Officer certification from
the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity at Maastricht University;
executive certificates in cybersecurity management from MIT Sloan School and
the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and in applied computer science from