Lida Rragami

Head of Cyber Security, Sonnedix

Lida serves as the Head of Cyber Security at Sonnedix, a global leader in renewable energy. With a mission dedicated to safeguarding the secure delivery of sustainable energy worldwide, Lida brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to the forefront of the renewable energy industry, honed through extensive experience in telecommunications and global networks.
With a 25-year tenure at BT, Lida's contributions have been transformative and innovative. As the former head of BT's Cyber Security Engineering unit, she orchestrated the development, deployment, and operations of advanced cyber protection platforms, fortifying both internal systems and customer-facing services. Her role in driving innovation and resilience within BT's cyber ecosystem has strongly positioned her to champion cybersecurity initiatives within the renewable energy sector.
Throughout her tenure at BT, Lida has held leadership and technical roles, overseeing critical projects such as EE’s  backbone network and the implementation of cutting-edge 4G and 5G services. Her expertise extends to enterprise architecture, where she played a pivotal role in optimizing processes, technologies, and system architecture to enhance operational efficiencies across BT's diverse business units.
Beyond her professional achievements, Lida is a passionate advocate for community support, leading initiatives that resonate beyond the confines of the corporate world, driving positive change to both professional excellence and social responsibility.
Lida's impressive career path and dedication to Cyber Security and community involvement establish her as an influential presence in today's dynamic landscape. As she further enriches her expertise and impact to safeguard and propel the renewable energy sector, her wealth of insights and leadership are positioned to positively impact and shape industry standards and societal welfare.