Two seminars will be running for one hour from 13.00pm as listed below:

A Structured approach to GDPR Compliance.

Louis Vieille-Cessay

At first sight GDPR can be seen as very complicated as it introduces many detailed compliance requirements. By adopting a structured approach to the identification, securing, governing and disposition of personal data throughout its entire lifecycle, organizations can overcome the complexity of the challenge. HPE Software has built a methodology and structured approach based on its own framework, to help and guide its customers on their GDPR readiness journey. Join the session and discover more about GDPR compliance and building an effective strategy and steps for your GDPR compliance Journey.

Securing the future

Oliver Eckel

With technological development moving faster every day our ability to develop new ideas outpaces the rate we can regulate them. Our lives have changed enormously over the last 30 years, but so has the distance between technology legislation and regulation.


  • Have legislation and security safeguarding been able to keep up with the speed of change in technology?
  • How can the industry / companies protect themselves against upcoming technical developments knowing that there are no appropriate legislative frameworks to be expected in the near future? Will those frameworks help anyone?
  • What Kind of regulations will be needed and what is expected to come in reality?
  • Will organizations be able to secure their data at all? Will they make all their data public, will they simply disconnect the internet, or will they revert to vigilantism.


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